I’m a Scottish Solicitor Advocate whose clients include Tommy Sheridan. I’ll be writing on this blog about Tommy’s cases, and other legal matters.


I’ve been a student and teacher of literature, and taught Freshman Composition at the University of California for seven years while I studied for my Master’s and Ph.D in English. One of these days I’ll finish my Dissertation.

My main academic interests are in Romanticism, philosophy of language and theories of meaning. I’ll be writing about those here too.

I also write fiction. You can read more about me in that capacity here, and about my novel A Thousand Hearts here.

I’ll be using this blog shamelessly to tell you about my book and to try to talk you into buying it.


I’m a supporter of Scottish independence and a libertarian socialist with a deep belief in free speech as the foundation of all political struggle. I deplore the authoritarian streak on the Left that wants to suppress this most basic freedom. While our masters continue to wage the class war, we’re busy fighting identity wars with ourselves. They can’t believe their good luck.

I’ll be writing about that here too.

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